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Arista - Jemma

Stats + such

Psy : A
Str : 20 (16th)
End : 20 (18th)
War : 103 (4th)
Stuff : -1

Broken Pattern : 20
no tendrils (-5)
Longbow : 2
extra range + power : 2
Arrows : 2
extra hard : 1
named and numbered (10) : x2
parrying dagger : 0
Bastard Sword : 0
given by Julian of Arden
Benedict (father) equivalent of 2 point friend
one of Julianís hawks

+2pts plot hook
+4pts advancement

Description, Beliefs and Values

Fourth in chain of command in Arden.
       --> first is Julian
       --> second is his horse
       --> third is the penpusher in Amber
       --> she has two equals - Falkner and Zanser.
Together they command upward of 17000 troops (17178)
Woodland type, silent, temper --> long fuse then hands you back your heart/ lungs/ tounge.
Raven haired, shoulder length and is always tied back at the nape of her neck, black eyes, olive skin.
Excellent commander of men (equivalent of 80 warfare) but prefers to lead a small squad (equivalent of 90 warfare) - they get more done.
Brilliant with swords/ bows/ staff (equivalent of 100 warfare), hates and is bad with guns/ lasers (equevalent of 80 warfare).
Excellent woodland skills, 50 year old assasin skills, blends into any environment.
Contemptous of city dwellers/ environs.
Religion --> worships the forest, other people are entitled to their views, just donít try to convert her.
All Arden foresters use - shortsword, dagger and longbow or lance.


Born on Shadow Houlicat, from a shadow mother named Mariana and Benedict. It was a short fling for him before he left the Shadow again. In his wake he left a fifteen month pregnancy which killed the mother. For him he was gone a week, for her it was ten years.

He returned a decade later to find the Shadow in the process of being demolished. There were but four live beings left in the place. Three were the hideous beings that had reaped this Shadow of everything in it. They were demons of hideous stature and countenance with triple sets of crewel teeth dripping acid, huge leathery wings, thick armoured tail and massive clawed Ďhandsí. The largest of them stood fully twenty-five foot high and thirty from tip to tail. They were a fearsome trimorph, not only possesing this great array of natural equipment, they also had at their command a great store of magick.

Witnessing the horrible carnage and the ravaged and scarred land Benedict wept. Soon a great rage entered him and he took to the skies, bellowing his fury and calling on the foul beasts that did this to show their ugly faces so they could taste the fury of Firedancer. One of their number called Firghwarth answered his call. The ensuing battle lasted four full hours of fury and pain. Eventually Benedict clambered atop the corpse, weary, battered and burned. Then the other two attacked simultaneously from both sides at once. With discreet use of his Pattern skills, Benidict quickly dispatched them.

Afterwards Benedict searched the Shadow for any survivors, and he found but one. She had been destroyed recently. She was ripped to pieces, huge weals and acid burns covered her body. Benedict was infuriated, he swore that she would live and so set about healing her as best he could. When it became clear that he did not have the skill he set off on a fast and furious hellride back to Amber.

By the time he arrived she was almost dead. It was a miracle that she was alive at all. And so, the broken body of San Arista Vold Barimen found her way back to her kin in the real shadow called Amber where the king of order, Oberon ruled from on high.

And so it came to be that the charred husk of Arista gradually healed under the patient hands of Gerard, the gentle giant. Over the course of many years, Arista became whole again. Her hair returned, the club feet and knarled hands gradually straightened until the third week of bone-month, on Beltide in fact, ten years after the haulicaust, Arista took her first hesitant step in over a decade. It was a turning point in her recovery, she found herself able to do more and more for herself than ever before.

During this time, Benedict took over from Gerard as her main guardian on her twenty-fifth birthday. He tought her her letters, to read and gave her a first class education. However he couldnít help the nightmares of blood, gore and feindish demons. These fragmented images haunted her for much of her early life, even now they sometimes trouble her.

It was only when she was thirty that she commensed her combat training with the big man himself.

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